Tikok 18+

Want some more adult-oriented topics in TikTok? Then you should switch to TikTok 18+ which has adult-oriented topics as well as great features. 

Version – 1.4.1 | Size – 40 MB
100% Safe and Secure (Official Website)

About Tiktok 18 APK

TikTok 18+ is the modded version of the regular TikTok app. It has more great features than the regular TikTok app. You have to make sure that you have to be 18+ to operate this mod app. If you are 18+ then you can enjoy adult-oriented content in this app. Download the app and enjoy the amazing features of TikTok 18+. 

Social media apps are one of the entertaining things which we love to use in our free time. It is one of the time passers for us. Social media has changed our boring life as it has some great and exciting content. And one of the great social media apps is TikTok. It is one of the famous social media apps which has a huge number of users. This app has some short videos which will entertain you when you feel bored.

However, TikTok has faced numerous problems due to content or some other issues. And it led to its ban in many countries. As you are a TikTok lover you wanted to have TikTok in your country or want more great features from the app. Then you should switch to the app TikTok 18+. This app is the modded version of TikTok and it has a lot of great features than the regular TikTok app. As it is mentioned in its name that 18+, you should be more than 18+ as it is designed for adults. TikTok 18+ has millions of millions of users globally and users post their videos on TikTok 18+. So, if your country doesn’t support TikTok or you are facing some issues with the content of TikTok, or you want some more adult content. Then you have to download TikTok 18+ and enjoy much more content and a seamless experience. 

What is Tiktok 18 APK v1.4.1?

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media which has millions of millions of users. However, there are some problems that users face when running TikTok. Many adult users also wanted to watch some more content, but due to the restrictions, you can’t watch those. Introducing TikTok 18+ which offers a seamless experience as it is the modded version of TikTok. You can see the videos with more spicy and naughty content but there is one condition that your age should be more than 18. If your age is above 18 then you can take control of this app. It is not for users whose age is below 18 as we recommend you have the original app from. You have to download the TikTok 18+ app from third-party websites as it is not available on the Play Store. So, if you are 18+ and you want more adulting content then download the app and have fun. 

What are the Best Features of TikTok 18 ?

There are some awesome features of TikTok 18+. All the features of TikTok 18+ are listed below: 

No video restrictions

There are some policies in the regular TikTok app. As you can’t make videos that break the policies. If you were caught breaking the policies then your account might get banned. But, you are free to make videos on TikTok 18+. You have no restrictions to make videos on TikTok. Make a video whatever you like. 

No advertisements

Advertisements are one of the most disturbing elements. As users don’t like to watch advertisements in the middle of any video. Especially, they wouldn’t like any type of advertisements when they are watching TikTok 18+. That’s why TikTok 18+ has the feature as there will be no advertisements in the middle of any video or starting of it. So, you can enjoy the video without any advertisements. 

High-quality video experience

In the regular version, there are some problems with the video quality. If you didn’t get a great video experience then it is a waste to watch the video and most importantly your mood gets spoiled. But, in TikTok 18+ you can now watch videos of high-end quality which makes the video great to see. 

Send personal messages

You can send direct messages to any other person or some random users which you do not follow. So, you can use them as this app has no restrictions on direct messages.  

Free from bugs

In these types of apps, there are huge bug problems. Bug problems are very irritating as they hang your app and the app will not work as per your instructions. However, TikTok 18+ is bug-free. This app always updates its services to give a good level of assistance to the users. 

Stickers, Beauty effects, and more

There are a large number of stickers, Beauty effects, and emojis that make your video more attractive. As these are much-needed things to make a TikTok video. In TikTok 18+ you will get a large number of beauty effects and stickers so you can use whatever you like. 

No registration required

If you don’t have a Google account or you don’t want to share your Google account. Don’t worry as the TikTok 18+ app didn’t need any registration or sign-up. You can also comment or share the video if you don’t register for the app. 

Simple User Interface 

Just like all the mods this mod also has a very simple User Interface. This simple User interface helps users so, you don’t need to have any difficulties to find something in the app. 

Unlimited Content

In the regular TikTok, there is some limited content. As you can’t find many types of videos in the app as it will break the restrictions. But, in TikTok 18+ there is unlimited content. And also some content will break restrictions. So, your age must be more than 18. That’s why it is called TikTok 18+. 

Additional Advanced features of TikTok 18+ version 1.3.5

  • It is free to download and also it is free to use as you don’t need to pay any money at the time of downloading or enjoying the features. 
  • You can easily edit the video in TikTok 18+ as there is no rocket science to edit a video. 
  • These types of apps need safety and security. The app is fully safe and secured 
  • There are a lot of filters to make you beautiful in the video. There is a wide range of options like retro looks, cartoonish looks, and many more. 
  • You can also privately message TikTok 18+ to friends or followers.

How to Download and Install Tiktok 18 APK on Android?

  • First of all, download the Tiktok 18 APK from the link mentioned above in this article.
  • Now go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and enable it
  • Now go to the File Manager and install the Tiktok 18 by tapping on the install button.
  • Wait Until your installation gets completed
  • Now click on the open button and Enjoy!

Download Details of Tiktok 18 APK

NameTiktok 18
Size40 MB
MODTiktok18 Mod

FAQs About Tiktok 18 APK

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Tiktok 18 APK:

Yes, TikTok 18+ is free to use. You don’t have to pay a single fee to use the app. 

TikTok 18+ is the modded version of the popular social media app TikTok. It has very similar features to the original app, but it is designed for people whose age is more than 18. 

No, TikTok 18+ is not for users who are below 18. As the app has some content that is suitable for users who are 18+. 

No, you can’t download the app on Play Store as you have to download the app from any third-party websites. 


TikTok is one of the most used social media apps. Users like to post videos in the app. However, many users face problems with the regular version of TikTok. For them, TikTok 18+ is here. The app is a great alternative to the original version of the app. It has no country restrictions as well as video restrictions. You need to be 18+ to operate this app and you can enjoy the app with its great features. Features like No advertisements, no video restrictions, private chat, no registration required, etc. With its fine installation process and uninterrupted experience, TikTok 18+ is gaining popularity. So, If you are 18+ and you want some more content to explore then what are waiting for? Switch to TikTok 18+ and explore some of the content which breaks all the restrictions. Download TikTok 18+ and enjoy your app like never before.